Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Wall Street: This Stimulus Is Pretty Lousy

Dear Wall Street -

Would you like a look at what little is left of Mr. Andante's IRA?

I'm sure it would make you feel blessed.



Sunday, February 08, 2009


There's been so much Republican whining lately it's hard to know what makes my head explode harder& faster - but I have finally decided the idea that FDR's New Deal "failed" may be the winner.

Have these jackasses ever sat down and talked with someone who lived through the Great Depression? I'm talking about one of the millions of Americans who didn't just sail above it on the family fortune, but lost their home, job, and life savings.

Republicans are reminding me very uncomfortably of Holocaust Deniers, who - despite the evidence of photos, survivors, rescuers, mass graves, and perpetrators - still insist it never happened.

My father was a young boy at the time. His father lost his little business, then couldn't find a job and lost their home. My father & his brother were placed in an orphanage until their father could afford to feed them again.

My father, until the day he died, was grateful to the New Deal's Civilian Conservation Corp for providing him work, three squares a day, a roof over his head, and a little paycheck to send back to his parents.

In his case, he helped build roads, railways, and bridges through the Rocky Mountains.

It was a job, which was a quick fix. But it produced the means to spur intra-continental commerce in the longer term.

What's so hard to understand about that?

The G.I. bill, usually considered the last piece of the New Deal, enabled him not only to continue his education but to marry, start a family, and afford his own little home....as it did millions of men who provided the power for recovery.

Yes, World War II had a good bit to do with the recovery - but aren't we fighting TWO wars at the moment? Hmmm?

My father's experience is hardly unique.

How dare they say it "failed"?

Those who experienced the Great Depression...and were literally saved by the New Deal are passing from this life by the hundreds, maybe thousands, daily.

Another was lost earlier this evening...my mother. She was also a young girl during the Great Depression - running wild and barefoot in the Tennessee hills. They were too poor to even realize there was a depression going on at all, but they had LAND, which enabled them to at least grow their own food.

To all those Depression Deniers out there, I say to you most sincerely and with all good intentions...grab a couple of acres and get used to the smell of chicken manure. Take a course in butchering. Get real familiar with the Farmer's Almanac.

It might come in handy soon.


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