Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Is this thing on?

So much has happened, but I just had a chemo treatment with some really `ugly` stuff yesterday, and chemo-brain is in full swing.

Before that, I spent some more quality time with the hospital - pneumonia, again. Sort of put a damper on Thanksgiving this year.

*** `Tis the season when people the world over ask the age-old question - `Whatever shall we give Andante for Christmas?`

I have the perfect suggestion.


During my latest hospitalization, I was given two units to bolster my depleted immune system. If you want to do something nice this Christmas, go here and please consider giving a pint.

*** A word to President-Elect Obama - never underestimate the rowdiness of `girly dogs`. As the owner of four of them, I PROMISE you they can out-rowdy any other canine alive.

And you`d best take this advice...should the ladies of the household hold sway and you end up with a sweet little bundle of girliness - give it all the loving attention you can spare. If you try to ignore it, it will immediately bond to you, following at your footsteps everywhere and begging to be taken on to your lap. Before you know it, the microphones will catch you murmuring sweet nothings and baby talk to the cutesy-wootsey Daddy's baby.

*** MEOW....The only casualty from the shoe-throwing incident seems to be Dana Perino, sporting a black eye. Matches her roots.


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