Tuesday, October 21, 2008

It's been how long since I posted anything?

Chemo treatments are once a week now, so I spend most of my clear-headed, non-nauseated time trying to catch up on work, errands, etc.

And I've had internet issues', which if I were more educated or less chemo-brained I could have figured out a week ago.

But today I'm really puzzled - perhaps some kind soul will help me out?

Is there an Annual Shit-Fer-Brains Award? If so, Senator Ted Stevens (R-AK) deserves the Lifetime Achievement laurels.
"He bought that chair as a gift, but I refused it as a gift," Stevens explained. "He put it there and said it was my chair. I told him I would not accept it as a gift."

"Where is that chair now?"

"In our house," Stevens repeated. "We have lots of things in our house that don't belong to us, ma'am."
You really have to read the whole thing to get the full belly-laugh benefit.

Giving this guy a Darwin Award is just too good for him and an insult to the intelligence of previous 'winners'.

And what does this say about (candidate for Real American VP)Sarah Palin's judgment?

And here I thought John McCain's judgment was loopy.


Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Stray 'debate' thoughts

Of all the reasons I can lay out for voting against McCain - and they are legion - just imagine hearing 'my friends' over and over and over and over...

Thank you, Sen. Obama, for mentioning that most small business owners make LESS than $250K per year. I know quite a few small business owners. Either they are going bankrupt, have gone bankrupt, or are struggling as hard as we are to keep their heads above water.

'Undecided voters'? Bullcrap. They just don't pay attention.

I read somewhere that McCain should use humor in the debates, and I think we have a clear winner - 'I have a clear record of reaching across the aisle to Joe Lieberman'.


Thursday, October 02, 2008

My non-alcoholic debate game

I agree with John Cole - the best thing for Gov. Palin to do during the debate is to turn each 'answer' into an attack. That way, she won't have to actually answer.

So I've decided on my debate game.

Since my medications don't, alas, go well with alcohol - I made a batch of these:

Every time the governor attacks, I'll eat a brownie.

Every time she says 'betcha' or 'gotcha' - another brownie.

Two brownies for 'Putin', and two more for either 'Joe Six-Pack' or 'average American'- which she certainly isn't.

I think I'd better start baking another batch....


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